Thursday, March 29, 2012


A while back I posted pictures of an alligator mobile that I made for a friend of mine. I finally got around to snapping pictures of the other mobiles I made for my kiddos. Kora was so excited the day we hung her butterfly mobile up in her room, I love how femanine and sweet it is. Thomas' mobile is the monkey one of course. It matches perfectly with the other decor in his room.

Friday, March 2, 2012

LynnDi Design - 75 sales!

Two years ago my sister and I decided to give selling on Etsy a try. We were super excited! We both had items that we had been making and had mastered so we thought we would share with the world. I got my best friend Mandy to create our logo, we snapped photos of our items and carefully typed out the items descriptions. On February 20th 2010 we opened our shop. When I first listed a few items I thought for sure I would have someone purchase them right away...but weeks passed without any sales. I started thinking about it though and realized - would I buy an item from a shop that jsut opened and showed no (or very little amount) of sales? Nope. I would not.

So I started to wonder how it would ever get up off the ground. But I didn't give up. I pressed on making new designs and listing them. I had a few sales here and there but a lot were from people who knew me and had seen my work in person. I still remember the day that a complete stranger ordered my shoes. I was beyond excited! Just this week we hit 75 sales in our shop! That still doesn't sound like that much when you compare it to shops that have been open for a while or hit success faster than LynnDi Design did, but I am proud of our 75.

I am thrilled with where LynnDi Design is today. We have worked hard to get here. I look forward to what the future holds. I have done many custom shoe orders lately and I love that. I also love that my shoes have been worn in weddings (by the bride and by flower girls) - how amazing to be a part of peoples big day!

If you haven't visited my shop you need to check it out!

Thank you to everyone for your love, support and orders!

Here are a few shoe designs that started out as a custom order but now have becme a popular shoe design in my shop!

Thomas - my 8 month old silly monkey!

On Leap Day Thomas turned 8 months old! He is getting so grown up! He is fully enjoying lots of baby foods now as well as some finger snacks. And boy does he love his snacks! He gets mad a soon as he runs out...our once very patient baby boy is no longer that when it comes to getting solid food into his belly.

Currently he only has the two lower teeth still, but there are 4 (yikes!) that are about to break through, all on the top. Teething four teeth as well as a nasty cold took our happy boy away for about a week. He was pretty miserable and didn't want anything but to be in someones arms, but now that he is more comfortable again he is back to wanting to play and be on the ground.

Speaking of which, he finally has mastered sitting up! Until the last week he would sit up ok but didn't know how to ballance there very well so I couldn't trust him to sit without something or someone around him. He usually would flop himself over so tht he could lay and roll around. But, now that he has mastered sitting up he LOVES it! It is hard to keep that big head up :)

Most of all he is still just as sweet as ever. He has the most gorgeous eyes and long eyelashes (makes Mom jealous!). It is such a blessing to watch Thomas and Kora play and interact together. The other day I came in and Thomas was sitting on the floor but starting to get mad. When I walked into the room Kora was sitting right by him rubbing his back gently and softly telling him "It's ok buddy". I love that. Nothing makes me happier than watching their relationship and friendship develop already.

See the eyelashes!?! I told you they were gorgeous.

Here he is with Sophia (all you can see are her legs). he got Sophie for Christmas and she quickly became his favorite teething toy. She goes all over town with us. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

ThomasJames - 6 & 7 months

Dear Thomas,

On Sunday you turned 7 months old. Hard to believe. I can't hardly remember what life was like without you in it. You have brought so much joy into our lives. You hve quickly become Kora's best friend and it is so cute to watch you guys play together now. You love to watch her and she loves to entertain you so that works out great!

You still love your bathtime A LOT. You splash and kick and are super content in there. You officially started solids just over a month ago and you are liking all the new flavors you get to eat now. You most recently have started to eat Mum Mums and you just can't get enough of them!

I thank God daily for bringing you into my life. I love my sweet baby boy, pretty sure I am wrapped around your little finger.

But seriously, who wouldn't get lost in these gorgeous blue eyes!

Love you baby boy!

-Your Mommy

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Finally, New Shoe designs!

I finally found time to get a few new shoe designs completed! I love coming up with fresh and new designs. Nothing excites me more than listing new items in my Esty shop and tonight I listed 2 new ones! YAY! Here are a few pictures of the most recent designs now available in LynnDi Designs shop.


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Personalized Burp Cloths

I finally got around to purchasing some of the interfacing for my silhouette machine which will make it possible for it to cut fabric! Opens up the possability of ALL kinds of FUN projects!! I was so excited to try it out! I have a few friends expecting babies in the near future so I decided to try and make personalized burp cloths. I made some similar to this for Thomas a little while back and love the terry cloth on the one side. Here are a few picutes of the finished product.

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Train Party Theme

For a few weeks I have been making plans for a baby shower in honor of my friend Bobbie who will be welcoming baby #2 in a few weeks - a baby boy, Wesley! And you know me, I love me a good party to plan! So, I went to town working on a theme and table decor. I chose the color scheme of red, aqua and white. I fell in love instantly when I started pulling out all kinds of fun paper and fabric in those colors. It is just such a fun color combo. Plus, this gave me a good excuse to put my silhouette to use! I loved the idea of doing a train theme and was able to find an image that would work just perfect for the cupcake toppers and other decor. I also had a William Sonoma train cake pan that I have been dying to use, perfect! Here are a few photos of the food table.

Here is the train cake that I did. I used the William Sonoma Train cake pan. I then added candy in the coordinating party colors. I found lots of red colored candy but the aqua/blue color was a little harder to find. But, I hit up the Sweat Factory and they had a few options for me. I love the blue sixlets in the fourth car! 

I used my Silhouette machine to cut out the adorable cupcake wrappers and then also for cutting the train image and scalloped circles for the cupcake toppers. Have I mentioned I LOVE my silhouette?!?!

So, I found a recipe via Pinterest that was for old fashioned popcorn. What a perfect thing for the apothocary on the table. And it is SO good! If you like kettle corn then you will like this popcorn! And popcorn is such a great item to fill an apothocary.

And finally the water bottles. I have been wanting to try and make custom labels for water bottles for a while. And it was really simple!

Happy Party Planning everyone!

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Love Day!

After Christmas decorations came down I was on a HUGE kick to change up some decorations in my house and really get a few rooms whipped into shape. First on the agenda though was to make a few valentine decorations that I have had in my head for a while. I love how both of these things turned out. And the best part was that I was able to just use things I had around the house so these two projects cost me nothing!

For this project I used an old backing to a frame that I had saved from when I made a previous project. I covered the cardboard party with fabric using my trusty ol' hot glue gun (love that thing!) and then went to town making the rolled rosettes with white felt that I had around. I then used a one inch strip of fabric that was red with little white hearts on it (used for the second project below) to add a strip across the top. I then printed up the word 'LOVE' on my computer, glued that on and it was done!

So, these felt balls can be a little time consuming but are just so darn cute! The ones that are red are  very simple. I just cut one inch strips of fabric long enough to wrap around the width of the foam ball and left a little over lap. Then wrap the fabric and use a pin to keep it in place. Continue that until it is covered. So simple. I did two different types of white ones. The one on top is 1.5 inch circles cut and then folded into quarters and pinned into the foam ball. Really easy but it just takes time for all the cutting. The ball that is on the bottom is made with  1.5 inch circles that are cut in half. I then wrapped them to look like a cone and hot glued them to the foam ball - warning, dangerous! I only burned my finger once, thank goodness, but joke it is **hot** glue!!

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