Monday, November 2, 2015

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Double FROZEN Birthday party

Having a FROZEN birthday party is every little girls dream. Since the release of the movie Kora has not been able to talk about anything other than having a Frozen party....when it came down to planning I found out that my cousin was also planning a frozen party for her daughter who has a birthday just a week and a half before. So, we joined forces! We made it a double Frozen party and it was such a blast and the birthday girls LOVED sharing their day!

                                           The birthday Girls in their matching faux fur vests!

This was their reaction when they walked into the dining room and saw the cake table set up and decorated for the first time. They were so excited and the smiles on their faces made all the hard work totally worth it.
Morgan had really wanted a 'wedding cake' for the party. This cake took me SO LONG to make. I spent the entire day before the party making this wasn't perfect but the girls loved it. The topper was Olaf made out of fondant. I was SO nervous to attempt to make this, but just had no luck finding a topper that I liked and was what I had in mind.
Each of the birthday girls got their own mini cake. I had zero luck finding a blue candle in the numbers I needed so a little glue and glitter fixed them right up!
A few credits for free printables I found via pinterest:
People are worth melting for sign: Two Magical Moms
Character prints on juice boxes: Family Shopping Bag
Happy Birthday Banner: Posh Tart Parties
I found these awesome glitter snowflake ornaments at Target that we transformed into snowflakes wands for all the guests. I loved how they turned out! It was the perfect addition to the dessert table as well to add a good pop of color.

When the guests were arriving we had set up a coloring table to keep them busy until the next activity....which none of them knew was going to be special guests (hint: they may be sisters!)!! Eek!

Queen Elsa and Princess Anna made a very special stop in at the party! The kids were giddy (and hilarious!) with joy. It was so fun to watch all of them as they were given special crowns (and reindeer antlers for the boys), read a story and did sing along and played games. It was so fun! They hardly even noticed that the power had gone out in our house during this time.....but, as it got darker that forced us to do pictures outside where it was rather chilly.
Since we had lost our power the kids got to eat their cake by candlelight. It was fun but, thank goodness the power came back on before the sun had set completely.
Another birthday party in the books! So much fun and I just love these two cuties! Happy 6th birthday to my sweet Kora and Happy 5th Birthday to the adorable Morgan!!
And a special THANK YOU to Rachel vanBaggen with Leona Grace Photography for taking all the photos! To see more of her work visit her facebook page:

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Jute Wrapped Container

I am a little obsessed with anything jute and burlap these days! I made a jute wrapped container recently that I thought I would share. I had been collecting formula cans and a few hot chocolate containers for some time now. I was just waiting for a good project to come along, and it did!

Here is what you need:

Empty Container
Jute (I personally like it to be the thicker kind)
Hot Glue (Lots of it!)
Glue Gun

Here is a before picture of my container that I used. This is a formula container - the Kirkland (Costco) brand.

To start I just add a dab of hot glue to the very bottom of the container and place the end of my jute rope on top of the glue. I allowed it to glue a minute. Then I continue to put a line of the hot glue all along the bottom, but only doing about 2 inches worth at a time. The glue will harden and dry quickly so don't put to much on at a time.

I just continue this motion going all around the container. I ran the tip of the glue gun right up to the top of the row of jute and made sure there were no gaps in the rope. You will go through lots of hot glue so be sure to have plenty on hand.


 The completed project! I was so thrilled with how these came out. They would be perfect to use as vases (I put my coffee filter flowers in them and it looks oh so cute!), utensil holders in your kitchen, party decor and much more!


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