Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sorry that it has been so is a bit to catch you up!

Kora and her cousin Bella
Jeremy, Christy and Bella came over for dinner and a game night the other evening.
The girls had so much fun looking at each other. Kora was working with Bella
on teaching her how to sit up and Bella was helping to teach Kora how to roll from her
back to her stomach (which Kora still seems to have no desire to want to do). It will
be so fun to watch these two grow up together.

BBQ at the Montoya's House!

My cousin Amy and her husband Ronnie live on a farm out in Ridgefield WA. They
invited us all over to come and enjoy some BBQ, horse shoes, Cornhole and a bon fire to roast marshmallows. It was a lot of fun! It was a beautiful day. Here are a few cute shots from the day.

Josiah Looking so cute

Kora staying warm by the fire

Ronnie and Jasmin roasting marshmallows

Kora's first camping trip!
We went camping at Beaver Bay a few weeks back. It was Kora's first trip out in the
great outdoors and she loved it! She had a blast watching everyone playing in the
lake and hanging out at the camp site. Cody broke the boat (took on a rock in the Willamette, the rock won) a few weeks ago so it was being repaired so Kora's first trip in the boat will have to wait for another time. Below are a few picks of her sporting her sun glasses and hat. So cute!

Berry Picking!
One thing I love about living in Oregon is all the berry picking you can do! We set out one evening to Kruger Farms on Sauvie's Island to try and pick Raspberries. When we arrived the raspberry picking was slim but we did manage to pick some blueberries. I have a wedding I am coordinating that will be held at this farm in a few weeks so it was good to scout it out.
Kora was a huge help, she loved to reach for those berries! That is her new thing these days and she is quick! She will grab just about anything and everything that she comes within reach of and you gotta watch out!

Happy Fourth of July!!
The fourth in Portland this year was a HOT one! It was about 95 degrees so we spent the majority of the day trying to keep cool. We had a BBQ at the Sweatman's and enjoyed a nice time with family and friends. We had some rather large fireworks to let off so we weren't too sure how Kora would react. We came equiped with earplugs (that she actually left on!). She had a few moments of panic over some of the loud noises but with a little convincing from us she started to realize it was all ok.

So big!
Kora is 7 1/2 months old, hard to believe. She is starting to threaten the fact that she just might start crawling soon...not sure if I'm ready for that. But I truly do love watching her grow and develop. My favorite thing to do is watch her as she is learning to do something. She knows when she caused something to make a sound or has figured out how to throw things and something so fun is that she is learning to clap her hands. I also love watching her sleep, I swear I could stare at her sleeping for hours, she is so beautiful and peaceful. And, the girl already has her two bottom teeth sticking up!

Drinking from my sippy

Yay, I love to swing!!!! I laugh and laugh....

Daddy's glasses....

Cousins! Kora, Josiah and Jasmin

Kora sits up so good, she loves it!