Friday, September 10, 2010

My New Job Title

My entire life I have dreamed that when I had kids I would be able to stay home with them. A full time stay-at-home-Mom. No question about it, that is what would happen. Well, Kora was born and 3 months later I was back at work...full time. I cried a lot when I made that decision but I just knew deep in my heart that was what God wanted me to do. A sacrifice, a big one, but one that was important for my family. We were fortunate enough that we had friends and family who were willing to watch Kora while I returned to work. I thanked God for that daily. I was also fortunate enough that I had a job to return to that I truly loved. I had amazing co-workers who had become great friends and I worked for a foundation that has a huge impact in our community. So I felt blessed. So for a year and a half I juggled two full times jobs (mother and Murdock Trust).

In August Cody and I started talking and praying about the next steps in our future plans. It had gotten tougher with making childcare arrangements and we knew a change was in order. So we made the leap of faith. August 27th was my last day at Murdock. It felt right once again to be making that choice, but once again I was in tears over that decision. While being SO excited to get to stay at home with Kora I also felt like once again I was making a again that was important for my family. I will miss my friends at Murdock.

I've been home with Kora now for two full weeks and I have LOVED every minute of it. I am cooking dinner once again, have a (mostly) clean house again, and I have lots of quality time with Kora.

There will be more sacrifices along the way I know. We are not blind to the fact that this transition to one income is going to be incredibly difficult. I spend a lot of time figuring out ways that we can save money, even just a dollar. "Every dollar counts"...that is my new line that I say way too often. But this experience is bringing Cody and I closer. We are both making changes. Cody started riding his bike to work. I am SO proud of him! His commute is not a short one as most of you know. But he is doing it! Making use of the max line to get into Portland and then biking the rest of the way. He ends up riding about 10 miles right now, not too shabby.

Here are a few things we are doing different in the spirit of "every dollar counts":

- Making our own laundry soap (very easy to do and so much better for us and the environment.... and a TON cheaper!)
- Drinking homemade mochas (Price and taste tops Starbucks anyday!)
- Menu Planning
- Planning a (mostly) 'Homemade Christmas'

Those are a just a few. I have more scheming in my head going on :) It is actually sort of fun to think of ways to save money. It is a good thing I like it, huh?

Thank you to everyone for all your love and support throughout these times. I know many of you have been lifting us up in prayer, thank you. Love you all and I look forward to sharing more of my stay-at-home-mom adventures with you all!