Friday, March 2, 2012

Thomas - my 8 month old silly monkey!

On Leap Day Thomas turned 8 months old! He is getting so grown up! He is fully enjoying lots of baby foods now as well as some finger snacks. And boy does he love his snacks! He gets mad a soon as he runs out...our once very patient baby boy is no longer that when it comes to getting solid food into his belly.

Currently he only has the two lower teeth still, but there are 4 (yikes!) that are about to break through, all on the top. Teething four teeth as well as a nasty cold took our happy boy away for about a week. He was pretty miserable and didn't want anything but to be in someones arms, but now that he is more comfortable again he is back to wanting to play and be on the ground.

Speaking of which, he finally has mastered sitting up! Until the last week he would sit up ok but didn't know how to ballance there very well so I couldn't trust him to sit without something or someone around him. He usually would flop himself over so tht he could lay and roll around. But, now that he has mastered sitting up he LOVES it! It is hard to keep that big head up :)

Most of all he is still just as sweet as ever. He has the most gorgeous eyes and long eyelashes (makes Mom jealous!). It is such a blessing to watch Thomas and Kora play and interact together. The other day I came in and Thomas was sitting on the floor but starting to get mad. When I walked into the room Kora was sitting right by him rubbing his back gently and softly telling him "It's ok buddy". I love that. Nothing makes me happier than watching their relationship and friendship develop already.

See the eyelashes!?! I told you they were gorgeous.

Here he is with Sophia (all you can see are her legs). he got Sophie for Christmas and she quickly became his favorite teething toy. She goes all over town with us. 

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