Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thomas James - 3 months old


You are a delight. You are precious. You are funny. You are happy. You are my world.

You have really started to develop a personality in the last month. You laugh and smile at things - especially at your older sister, she can make you smile really big. You are very ticklish, I discovered this by accident one night when drying your armpits after a bath. I was shocked when the little belly laugh sound filled the room. I laughed out loud with you. Now you still laugh a lot when I am getting you dressed - I think your 'spot' is your neck and upper back.

You have eyes for people. You like to have someone to look at and get sad when you are left without a familiar face or someone to talk to.

You are growing like a weed. I am not sure what you weigh these days but I am sure you have surpassed doubling in size from the time you were born.  I had to pull out clothes that are 6 months in size already, yikes!

You love to watch your mobile in your crib and get really sad when it stops 'singing' to you.

You kick your feet like crazy. This creates a bit of a mess at bath time these days. Those feet sure do make that water splash out of your baby bath.

You found your voice! And it can be loud. But it is adorable. Your little squeels fill our home and I love it.

You were dedicated to the Lord on September 25th. It was a special day. Pastor Thomas spoke great words over your life, annointed your little feet, hands and ears with oil, and prayed over your life. Your daddy and I look forward to teaching you about the Lord that we believe and trust in. There are big things ahead in your life!

Thank you for being such a swet little man in my life.

I love you buddy,


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