Monday, August 29, 2011

Grandpa Albaugh

On Friday August 26th, 2011 my Grandpa Albaugh went to be with the Lord. It still remains difficult to think that he is really gone from this earth. So badly I just want to be able to give him one more hug and to sit and have a nice chat with him. He had one of the world’s sweetest smiles and sense of humor. He loved God and his family more than anything in this world and was truly a walking example of God’s grace.

The night that he passed away I sat and through teary eyes I read through a memory book that was compiled 3 years ago as a gift for Grandpa at Christmas time. It was full of notes from each of my cousins and also photos of years past. Reminded me of how blessed I am. As I read each page I loved hearing all the things each of my cousins wrote about Grandpa and Grandma. We all have so many fond memories of our childhood with them as well as moving into our adult lives. They had a way of making each of us feel special. They impacted all of our lives and I know we are all so incredibly sad to not have them here with us. The days following his passing he became famous on Facebook. I loved reading all of people’s posts about him. So many incredible words spoken about him – you definitely felt the impact he had on everyone’s lives that knew him.

I know that Grandpa is now walking Heaven’s golden streets (probably holding Grandma’s hand) but it is still so difficult to think that I will never again see him walk into church, hug my kiddos, laugh, smile, worship the Lord, read his Bible, and fall asleep in his chair. He is going to be missed so terribly. I know in a few weeks when we have Thomas dedicated to the Lord I will for sure miss looking out into the congregation at church and seeing him there. But I know he will be smiling from above.

The day that Grandpa passed I was talking to Kora (2 ½ years old) about him. When I mentioned Great Grandpa she told me that he was sick and needed medicine, a nap, and some food and he would be all better. You have to love the innocence of a child. If only it was true though… but instead we had to receive the notice that on Friday night at 9:40pm Grandpa took his final breaths.

Love you Grandpa, thank you for all the incredible memories you left us with. I will always shake plastic Easter eggs expecting money in them, miss getting the random gifts that the grab-bag provided at Christmas, miss your amazing grilled cheese sandwiches and popcorn, and think of you whenever I eat ice cream (his absolute favorite thing and also his last meal on earth)…. but most of all I will never forget your smile.

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