Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thomas is 5 months!

Dear Thomas,

You are 5 months old, wow! Time since you have joined our family has gone so quickly. You had a very busy month! You decided you like to roll over. You don't always make it all the way but you are sure figuring it out quickly! You also took your first plane ride this month! You did great on the plane. You came with Mommy down to Sacramento to see Mandy and Nick and meet their new little boy Ben. You guys are destined to be best friends!

About a week ago we started you on rice cereal. You aren't a big fan of it yet. You seem to not know what to do with the stuff once it is in your mouth. I'm sure you will figure that one out quickly though.

We also celebrated your first Thanksgiving and did a trip to Zoo Lights. You loved looking at all the lights as we walked around. It was a bit cold but you were nice and bundled up!

You continue to be a happy boy, you love to watch your sister, you love to be talked to, you love your carseat and you laugh when we kiss your neck.

Love you my sweet baby boy!


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