Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kora - 3 years old

Dear Kora,

You turned 3 years old this month! Wow, it is so hard to believe you have officially passed up the toddler stage and have entered the preschool stage. You amaze me on a daily basis. We have definitely figured out that you have your Dad's amazing memory, it is hard to believe the things you can remember and do at such a young age. We read you a book just one time and the next time you look at that book there are certain phrases or sentances from the book that you remember perfectly.

You have a ton of sponk and personality. You make us laugh and bring us so much joy every day. We love to watch you with your baby brother Thomas. You call him 'bud' (which you picked up from Mommy) and it is so cute. You love to color, dance (you took your first Ballet class this year!), read, watch movies (you love all things Disney Princess), paint with water colors and play games.

Favorite Kora sayings:

Warm Coconut  (translation: Hot cocoa)
My feelings hurt (translation: Tummy Ache)

When I reflect back on the day that you arrived into our world I remember very vividly how you were called a 'miracle baby' by the doctor who delivered you. What we did not know when I was pregnant with you was that you had a condition in which your umbilical cord was not deeply rooted into the placenta. This can be extremely dangerous during the pregnancy and delivery as the cord could have become unattached to the placenta. As I held you, my miracle baby, tears streamed down my face and I thanked God for giving me the honor of being your Mom. I know God has big plans for your life.  A life that I am so thankful to be apart of. We love you beyond words miss Kora.

Keep making us laugh baby girl,


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