Sunday, April 21, 2013

Under the Sea Birthday Party

Back in December we celebrated Kora turning 4. Kora's current favorite Disney Princess is Ariel so that was her top pick for a party theme this year. I wanted to make it feel more like an 'under the sea' whimsical theme rather than over the top Ariel. I used tiffany blue and pearl white as the color theme with accents of pink.
I designed the invitations myself. I used my silhouette to cut out the seaweed and sea horse to give it that extra touch.

Kora was so excited to welcome all her guests to her 'mermaid lagoon'. She could hardly wait for everyone to arrive!

As each guest arrived they were able to go into the 'Mermaid Salon'. In the salon there was a tutu for each girl, a coordinating headband and pearl necklace. They also were treated to a manicure and makeup (big thanks to my sister Trisha and our friend Rebecca for being our stylists!).

The girls were all so adorable in their tutus!

After they were all dolled up the mermaids were invited to do a craft. They made Ariel Snowglobes! I had found ariel cupcake topper figurines that fit perfectly on the inner party of the baby food jar lid. I used hot glue (which didn't end up working that well - a few days after the party ariel came loose. Maybe E5000 glue would work better?) to attach ariel to the lid. Then each girl got to fill the jar with their choice of glitter and various small sea shells. I then added tap water to each jar and screwed the lid on for them (as TIGHT as possible!). The girls loved them! 

I kept the decorations fairly simple. I made the tissue poms to hang above the table which we had all set for our sushi lunch.

I wanted to let the girls use real glasses to keep the table looking 'fancy'. I used my mason drinking mugs (which quickly have become my go-to entertaining glasses, love them!) and dressed them up with a little bakers twine with their name attached and a paper straw.

In the center of the table I used a combination of candles, aqua mason jars, star fish, sand dollars and other various beach decor.

Now, one bonus of being married to a chef is that he loves to help out with the food when it comes to party planning! So, I charged him with the task of making kid friendly sushi for the little mermaids. And then for the adults we had realy sushi. I did not get pictures of the sushi he made for the adults (so bummed about that, but it was delicious!) but here are a few of what was prepared for the kids. The close up picture is blurry but I still wanted to include it so you could see better how each plate looked. Each 'sushi roll' was made up of bread, sliced ham, cheese and pickles. Cody then built a tower made out of sliced apples and then filled with goldfish. It was a hit!

Now for my absolute FAVORITE part of any party....the DESSERTS! I made the cupcakes and was super thrilled to have them turn out just as I was envisioning! I made the chocolate starfish on top using a mold I picked up from the decorate shop and then dusted each one with a pearl dust that is made for cake decorating to give them each an irridescent look. 



I had one other treat for the girls. Octopus Marshmallow pops! Each pop is coated in a white chocolate that I colored light pink. I then used eyes that I purchased at the Decorate Shop. They are sitting in raw sugar to give it that sandy look. 

Thank you for checking out my party!


tracie said...

what color did you use to get that color frosting

Unknown said...

do you have the link for the Decorate Shop?

stevenjared0853 said...

How chic birthday celebration! Each and everything looks awesome and I am definitely going to bookmark this party post for decorations of my twin girls’ 5th birthday. At one of domestic LA venues we will host her bash and this theme would be perfect for their party.