Saturday, December 18, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree!

Ok, I am a huge nerd and every year I can't help but bust out singing "Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree" everytime we are out hunting for that perfect tree. I think picking out the tree is one of my favorite traditions of the season. This year the weather on the day we went was gorgeous! Sunny (a bit cold, but that is what the hot cocoa is for!) and blue skies. Cody, Kora and I met up with my parents, my sister and her roomates, Cody's sister's family and his parents. We all caravaned out to a new tree farm that my brother recommended. The selling point for this farm is the fact that they SHAKE THE TREE! So COOL! Less needles on my floor and fewer spiders left on the tree once it enters my home, love love love it. Anyway, once we got to the farm we all went our seperate ways and each found our trees. This farm had an amazing amount of beautiful trees....I am one of those people who can't just cut down the first 'good' tree I see....I need to walk around and be sure that it really is the best one on the farm :)  We found a great one we both agreed on and Cody went to town cutting it down. Four hours later it was up and sparkling in our house! (Pictures of the finished product to come..)

Kora and her mittens 

Getting ready to cut the tree down 

Kora's first experience with a candycane - she loved it! 

Kora and Aunt Trisha (Shisha) 

Kora and her cousin Jamie who she adores 

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